With Lead Dolphin you have the ability to create leads by emailing them into the website. This is very useful when you maintain your own landing pages for gathering information from leads.

To create a lead, send an email to new-lead@ld.leaddolphin.com in plain text with no additional spacing and do not include any CC or BCC.

If you access your Lead Dolphin account at a different url than ld.leaddolphin.com, then you will use that url in the email address. For example if you access Lead Dolphin at http://mybrand.leaddolphin.com/ you will send emails to new-lead@mybrand.leaddolphin.com instead.

An example email might look like this:


street1|1 Main Street
entry_source|Super Cool Landing Page Campaign
lead_status|Paid Pass
pt_status|Fitness Assessment NOT Scheduled
notes|Random notes about this lead


If your Lead Dolphin account is not integrated with ABC Financial, then instead of using the club_id, you will set your ld_id:




Field Notes Example Value
api_key Required
 32 Character API Key provided by Lead Dolphin
club_id Required if ld_id is not set
 ABC Club Numeric ID *
ld_id Required if club_id is not set
 Lead Dolphin Numeric ID provided by Lead Dolphin

Google Analytics Client ID
first_name Required Matthew
last_name Required Connerton
email Required matthew@example.com
street1   1 Main Street
city   Ocala
state   FL
postal_code  (formerly "zipcode") 34482
country A valid country. Currently we support US (default) and CA US
cell_phone Must be valid phone number 123-456-7890
cell_phone_cc A valid country code. Currently we support US (default) and CA US
home_phone Must be valid phone number 987-654-3210
home_phone_cc A valid country code. Currently we support US (default) and CA CA
work_phone Must be valid phone number 654-987-1345
work_phone_cc A valid country code. Currently we support US (default) and CA US
entry_source Helps identify the "Source" or individual campaign. Do not make this brand/location specific.
Max 60 characters long.
Paid Pass Landing Page
lead_status Lead, Guest Pass, Paid Pass, TI, Pending, Missed Guest, No Show, Member, Alumni, Archived Lead Paid Pass
pt_status Fitness Assessment NOT Scheduled, Fitness Assessment Booked, Fitness Assessment Completed, PT Client Fitness Assessment NOT Scheduled
notes Arbitrary notes. Wants to get buff.

The entry source is a generic text field we use to add automation to your leads. You can set it to the name of the particular landing page the email is coming from. It doesn't matter what you set it to, but when you do set it, try and make it consistent across your forms such as "[Landing Page Name] Landing Page Campaign".

We can also lock submissions validation to a specific X-Originating-IP mail header so we only accept leads from your servers. If you see an issue with spam, we can enable this.